UKSB Google Merchant Feeds

version 4.4.0

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Important Information

Please Note - the License to use this Extension allows it's use only in one OpenCart installation, it can be either a Single Store or Multi Store installation.

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1. You will need a Google account set-up with Google Merchant added to it
2. You should enter your Shipping info via your Google Merchant account
3. (US, Canada and India) You should enter your Tax info via your Google Merchant account
4. After installation and Set-up of the extension, you should set your Google Merchant Feed Schedule to fetch your feed Daily
5. You will need a Google Adwords account and are required to set-up Shopping Ads within Google Adwords, Linked to your Google Merchant account

This Mod is to generate XML Feeds for Google Shopping (Google Merchant).

  1. Fully Compliant with Google Merchant Requirements
  2. List Single Products and Product Variants for all products including Clothing & Apparel
  3. List up to 10 additional images per product
  4. Display Special Prices if they exist in addition to the standard price
  5. Produce feeds for OpenCart Multi-Stores
  6. List on Multiple Google Shopping Sites (provided you have the language and currency installed for those sites)
  7. Set the Google Product Category for each Google Shopping Site globally, on a store category, or on a per product basis
  8. Ability to override OpenCart Brand with a more specific brand on a per product basis
  9. Option to disable a product from appearing in the feed on a per product basis
  10. Option to tell Google no (unique) Identifier Exists on a per product basis (i.e. it is a custom made product)
  11. Google Adwords Custom Labels allow you to filter products in Google Adwords to organise, track and price your ads in a variety of ways.
  12. Update products in bulk using the built-in bulk updater
  13. Tag your products with a Google Merchant Promotion ID, to be able to offer discounts and offers shown in your Google Shopping Ads.
  14. Shipping Label to assist with Shipping Filtering in the Google Merchant Center
For OpenCart Versions to

@author UK Site Builder Ltd <>
@copyright Copyright (c) 2019, UK Site Builder Ltd
@version $Id: v 4.4.0 2019-10-26 15:00:00 sp Exp $

Use the OpenCart Extension Installer available in your admin to upload the file.

In your admin, go to Extensions -> Extensions and choose Feeds from the dropdown list.

Install the UKSB Google Merchant v4.4.0 extension

If you do not do the above, you will get errors on the front-end and admin area of your store

Upon editing the extension, you will initially be prompted to register your license. Please see the License Registration section below.


Before installing this version, please visit the feed settings and make a note of the settings you have previously saved (excluding the tax settings on the Advanced Settings tab).

Uninstall the UKSB Google Merchant Feeds extension in the Extensions -> Extensions -> Feeds section.

Delete the previous extension installer in the Extensions -> Installer section.

Now Install this new version as per the instructions in the Installation section.

After installation you can re-enter the settings you copied earlier.

VERY IMPORTANT - Check the feed URL and CRON Command (if used) as they will most likely need to be updated in your Google Merchant feed schedule / CRON interface

On first editing the newly installed v4.4.0 of our extension, you will be prompted to register your License.

Our licenses allow the single use of our extension on one OpenCart installation unless additional licenses have been purchased.

Simply enter your OpenCart Extension Store email address and the Order ID you received when purchasing this extension and you will be good to go.

Your Order ID can be found by logging in to the Opencart Extension Store and view the Order History section once logged in.

If you experience any problems when registering your license, please contact our Support.

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You might find the answer you are looking for in our Knowledge Base FAQ section.

If not, you can raise a support ticket which will be answered promptly.

Our OpenCart extensions are covered by a single user license on initial purchase.

This means that as a customer you can install the extension you purchased on one installation of OpenCart. Multi-Stores within that installation are also covered.

Further installations require the purchase of additional licenses. Please raise a Support Ticket if you wish to purchase additional licenses.

12 Months Free Support

We give you 12 months of free support with each extension purchased, which relates to the general installation and running of the extension. Unfortunately, we can only guarantee that our extensions will work out of the box in a default OpenCart installation.

Where problems arise that are caused by conflicts with other installed extensions, we may request a fee to alter our extension code so that it plays nicely with other conflicting extensions.

After 12 months, you may purchase additional yearly support either via the extension in your admin panel (if available) or by raising a Support Ticket.

Change of Licensed Installation (Domain)

In some of our extensions, we use a license registration process, which ties the installed extension to the main domain/admin URL of your OpenCart installation.

If you wish to change this due to using a development domain or staging domain, please raise a Support Ticket.